ZfW | Master in Health Information Management - Course Content and Structure

Health Information Management is the management of ICT to collect, store, process, retrieve, analyze, disseminate and communicate information related to the planning, provision, research and evaluation of healthcare services.

Health Information Management is a challenging field of work involving the application of clinical knowledge, aspects of information technology, database management and administration.

The international master's degree combines information management, healthcare management, business administration, health informatics and integrates intercultural communication and personal leadership competencies and addresses professionals in healthcare/hospital management.

Module 1: Health Systems
  • Fundamentals of Health Systems
  • Health Policy and Planning
  • National Health Systems in Europe and Africa
  • Vertical Health Information Systems
Module 2: Health Data Management
  • Data Management and Data Quality in HIM
  • Health Classification Systems
  • Data Security and Risk Management in HIM
Module 3: Healthcare Information Systems
  • Health Management Information Systems 1
  • Health Management Information Systems 2
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Business Intelligence in Health
  • eHealth, Telemedicine and Emerging Technologies
Module 4: Information Systems Planning and Implementation
  • Health Knowledge and Information Management
  • Process Management
  • Information Systems Project Management
  • Infosystems Analysis, Design and Implementation
Module 5: Management & Leadership in Health Organizations
  • Management and Leadership in Health
  • Financial Management in Health
  • Human Resources Management in Health
  • Quality Management in Health
Module 6: IT Resource Management
  • IT Health Service Management
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Vendor Management
Module 7: Intercultural Management & Communication
  • Social and Organizational Aspects of HIM
  • Communication and eSkills
  • Team and Intercultural Management
Module 8: Health Research
  • Health Research Methodology
Master Thesis
  • Master Thesis


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