Master in Health Information Management – Objectives

Health Information Management is the management of ICT to collect, store, process, retrieve, analyze, disseminate and communicate information related to the planning, provision, research and evaluation of healthcare services.

Health Information Management is a challenging field of work involving the application of clinical knowledge, aspects of information technology, database management and administration.

The international master's degree combines information management, healthcare management, business administration, health informatics and integrates intercultural communication and personal leadership competencies and addresses professionals in healthcare/hospital management.

What does Health Information Managers (HIMs) do?

The health information professional plays a vital role in the management of information resources and/or technologies that support clinical, administrative and financial information systems in health care.

  • HIMs design and manage information systems in the healthcare system.
  • HIMs collect and generate records and reports about patients who are being treated by doctors and other clinicians.
  • HIMs use their clinical knowledge of disease and surgical procedures, technical knowledge of computer systems and databases and their management skills to set up and monitor these systems.
  • HIMs also play a key role in the security and legal use of people's medical records and health information by establishing appropriate procedures and handling and protecting personal data.
A career in Health Information Management
  • Excellent employment prospects in a fast growing field.
  • Opportunities to specialize in computing, financial and health services management.
  • Opportunities to work in the computer industry or health industry.
  • Opportunities to work in the public or private sectors.
  • Useful skills that can be used worldwide.


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