Das Sprachenzentrum der Hochschule Neu-Ulm (HNU)

Englisch als Wahlpflichtfach an der HNU

Wahlpflichtfächer sind ein fester Bestandteil jedes Studiengangs an der Hochschule Neu-Ulm. Neben fächerübergreifenden und studiengangsspezifischen Wahlpflichtfächern können Sie auch Sprachen belegen.

Elective courses are essential for studying at the HNU. Besides interdisciplinary and study course specific electives you can also choose language courses.

Elective: C1 Management English

This elective is intended for those with good B2 level (‘Independent user‘) in English and who would like to take their English to level C1. This course is also preparation for one of the Cambridge external exams in English – either BEC Higher or IELTS – but students decide for themselves whether they wish to take the external exam. (These external exams cost approx. €220.- but the HNU can refund 70% of the costs to students who are successful in the exam.)

Course: 4 teaching units over one semester 4 ECTS

Exam: Reading and listening comprehension and writing paper (90 minutes altogether)

Elective (WPF) Cross-cultural aspects of business

This class tries to create cultural awareness for one’s own and other cultures and will give you some insight into what is behind clichés and stereotypes and prepare you for working in an international environment.

Course: 2 teaching hours per week / 2 ECTS

Exam: Written paper (90 minutes)

For more information about the elective courses please log on to the Intranet.


Julia Bilich
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BW und WIN:
Bodo Mahnke
Phone: 0731/9762-1451
E-Mail: Bodo.Mahnke@hs-neu-ulm.de
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John Halton
Phone: 0731/9762-1453
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