GEN – Generic Risk and Resource Management


This generic research domain deals with the following topics (list incomplete and sorted in alphabetical order):

  • Business Development
  • Chances, Risks & Risk-Culture
  • Chaos Research
  • Management Methods & Paradigms
  • Resource Allocation
  • Risk Management Processes
  • Risk Detection, Risk Metrics & Risk Assessment
  • Systemic & Cybernetic Risk Models

We employ the following methods and models in our research:

  • System Thinking & System Dynamics
  • Experimental Economics & Experimental Business Administration
  • Concept of Dynamic Capabilities
  • Concept of Eco-System

Current Projects

The following projects are currently being conducted in this domain:

Name: DCRM - Dynamic Capabilities & Risk Management Cycle

Start: 2016 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU / TBS

Researcher: Oliver Kunze; Yevgen Bogodistov

Management Summary:

The concept of dynamic capabilities (sense – seize - reconfigure) has been introduced by Teece et al. It seems that this concept has a significant similarity to the many risk management cycle models (as e.g. identify – assess – treat - monitor). Where are the conceptual differences, and which similarities can be detected?

Name: RMP - Cross Disciplinary Risk Management Paradigms

Start: 2015 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU / TBS

Researcher: Oliver Kunze

Management Summary:

Which different risk management paradigms exist in different domains? Which conceptual similarities do they share? Which are the distinctive differences? Can they be applied in other domains?

Name: ECM - Applying Economic Principles to Crime and Migration Phenomena

Start: 2014 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU / TBS

Researcher: Oliver Kunze, Florian Schlatterer

Management Summary:

We are currently working on a theory how sociologic patterns can be explained by sheer economic models. (publication in progress).


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