Capacity Building Blended Learning (CBBL)

In cooperation with the Strathmore Business School (SBS) and supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the HNU Africa Centre will share their knowledge and competences in the area of Blended Learning with the Strathmore University in Nairobi Kenya.

Duration: March 2015 - 2018

Main Goals of the CBBL Project

Blended Learning Course

The Kick-Off Meeting held at the Strathmore Business School marked the start of the first milestone of the project, the conduction of the blended learning course “Hospital Management for Health Professionals (HMHP)”. Once again the HNU will provide basic hospital management skills to participants from 8 different Kenyan hospitals. This time the HNU will be supported by local staff from the Strathmore University during the execution phase of the online course.

Kick-Off Meeting at the Strathmore Business School

Mobile Learning Development

In 2014 the HNU Africa Centre did research in the area of mobile learning (m-Learning) and developed an m-Learning solution for the content presentation of the HMHP course. This mobile online and offline application will be used to extend the range of blended learning tools for the current HMHP course and to offer the course participants, who need to combine their work in hospitals and learning, more flexibility. The demo version of this course can be accessed here or with the QR-Code below.



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