Africa Centre

In 2013 an African Centre was founded at HNU in order to coordinate and expand the different African projects of the three departments.

The HNU focuses on interdisciplinary and practical oriented projects as well as postgraduate studies with partners in Africa.


  • Pooling of all HNU Africa related topics (synergy effect)
  • Promotion of the HNU international strategy
  • Development of sustainable competences and reputation in African topics

Current Projects

Projektbild HIM

Master of 'Health Information Management'
A collaborative Master programme in three countries: Kenya, South Africa and Germany

AEEP- Ethiopia

Applied Entrepreneurship Education Programme (AEEP) – Ethiopia.  Developing and implementing a tailored Entrepreneurship program for electrical engineering master students in Ethiopia. 

Completed Projects

International Leadership Training (ILT)

Business Administration for Doctors


Professor Dr.
Rainer Burk View Profile

Professor emeritus
Coordinator for Projects in Africa (funded by third parties)

E-Mail an Professor Dr. Rainer Burk
Steubenstrasse 17,A 110


Professor Dr.
Olaf Jacob View Profile

Vice President for Research and Digitalisation
Head of the degree programme Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
Head of the Centre for Data Science & Business Analytics

E-Mail an Professor Dr. Olaf Jacob
Main building,ZWEI, 4 BÜRO


Professor Dr.
Thomas Bayer View Profile

Director of the Centre for Research on service science (CROSS)

E-Mail an Professor Dr. Thomas Bayer
Edisonallee 7,ZWEI, 2 EDISON 7

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