SCM – Risk & Resource Management in SCM and Logistics


This research domain deals with the following topics (list incomplete and sorted in alphabetical order): 

  • Logistics & eCommerce
  • Logistics & eMobility
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transport Logistics
  • Urban Logistics
  • Warehouse Location Planning 

We employ the following methods and models in our research:

  • System Thinking & System Dynamics Modelling
  • Quantitative Optimization (Operations Research)
  • Process Design Methods

Current Projects

The following projects are currently being conducted in this domain:

Name: FUL - Future of Urban Logistics 

Start: 2015 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU, TBS

Researcher: Oliver Kunze

Management Summary:

How will the future in urban logistics look like in the year 2030 and beyond? We currently build a systemic model based on current trends and mega-trends in order to qualitatively predict future developments. (publication in progress)

Name: EUL - Electro-Mobility in Urban Logistics

Start: 2014 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU, TUM

Researchers: Tharsis Teoh (TUMcreate), Oliver Kunze (HNU), Gebhard Wulfhorst (TUM)

Management Summary:

Electro-mobility concepts have a big potential to reduce urban emissions in logistics. Still this technology doesn’t gather sufficient momentum, yet, because of high investment risks on the one hand (e.g. because of high investment volumes, difficulty to anticipate future administrative regulations, compromised cost efficiency due to current oil-price low, missing re-charging infrastructure standards) and unclear impacts of this technology on urban transport logistics operation schemes on the other hand. Therefore we analyze which existing urban transport logistics schemes are suitable for a change to electro-mobility, and how much other schemes need to be modified if combustion trucks shall be replaced by electro trucks.
Links: [Kunze, Minner, Wulfhorst 2014]; [Teoh, Kunze et al 2015]

Name: DTM - Dynamic Truck Meeting

Start: 2010       End: 2012

Funding: IGF / AiF

Researchers: Oliver Kunze (HNU); Hartwig Baumgärtel (HSU); Sebastian Rosemeier (HNU); Andreas Neitmann (HSU)

Management Summary:

Truck-meets-truck – this concept for FTL and LTL transports has a number of benefits. In brief it means that two trucks heading to pairwise opposite directions meet half way, exchange their loads and return to their home bases. Commercially this helps to avoid empty runs or unprofitable back loads, and socially this means that drivers can return to their families after work instead of taking an overnight break at their original destinations. But this concept requires to deal with a number of risks (especially the risk to no meet the other truck at the appointed time). Therefore we designed a process and infrastructure standard which includes exception handling for unexpected events as inbuilt part of the process.
Links: [Kunze, Baumgärtel et al, 2012]


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