HR – Risk and Resource Management for Human Resources


This research domain deals with all risks related to human resources (list incomplete and sorted in alphabetical order):

  • change management & motivation
  • risk management processes
  • tactical objective setting
  • variable incentive systems

We employ the following methods and models in our research:

  • empirics (interviews, questionnaires, statistics)
  • laboratory experiments (experimental economics)

Current Projects

The following projects are currently being conducted in this domain:

Name: MIS - Motivation and incentive systems in probabilistic business contexts

Start: 2015 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU / TBS

Researcher: Miguel Luzuriaga; Oliver Kunze

Management Summary:

The well-known wage-effort relationship results less clear when it is subject to risk. Thus, we experimentally investigate how volatility in firms' returns influence both wages and subsequent employee’s performance.


Related research:

  1. Playing the Trust Game with Other People's Money
  2. A Trust Game in Loss Domain
  3. Risk-taking with Other People's Money
  4. Taking Risk with Other People's Money: Does information about the others matter?
  5. A Gift-exchange with Probabilistic Payoffs (Forthcoming in 2016 ESA World Meeting, Jerusalem, Israel.)


Name: RG - The Risk Game

Start: 2016 (ongoing)

Funding: HNU / TBS

Researcher: Oliver Kunze; Yevgen Bogodistov; Florian Schlatterer

Management Summary:

We are currently working on the design of a "risk game for producing SMEs", which models the interdependencies of different risk relevant factors and management decisions. This game shall later be  used for training purposes as well as for further experiments in a laboratory context.



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