Institute for Risk and Resource Management (RRM)

About RRM

The Institute for Risk and Resource Management (RRM) is a research institute of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU).

Our Mission

Management decisions influence both risks and opportunities. It is therefore our mission to help decision makers in companies to take decisions which provide a competitive advantage. This includes minimizing (negative) risks as well as creating and harvesting (positive) opportunities by assigning adequate resources as well as re-configuring processes and routines in a non-static business world.

Our Vision

One can observe a multitude of different paradigms and methods for risk management in different disciplines of human life. Only one of those disciplines is commercial business. Here different companies - but also different departments within one company - use different methods to manage risks and opportunities.

We assume that decision makers may profit from a cross-department, cross-company and/or cross-discipline research approach.

Based on comprehensive research in the field of risk and resource management in different contexts we provide decision makers with a set of innovative instruments to manage risks, opportunities and resources in increasingly dynamic and complex business environments.

Our Objectives

Therefore our three main objectives are:

  • Research: Conduct theoretical research in various domains that help to improve the management of risks, opportunities, and resources, and therefore make businesses more robust, persistent and successful.
  • Transfer: Transfer research findings to the business world and make them applicable to decision makers.
  • Education: Educate students and train executives in risk and resource management

RRM Research Domains

In order to produce a product or a service, a company uses different resources that help to build and run the business. These resources can be allocated in order to minimize risks and/or harvest opportunities. At the same time these resources themselves carry the intrinsic risk of non-availability in adequate quality and/or quantity.

Chart 1 Current focus points of the RRM-Institute

Therefore we currently focus our research on the following five research domains:

Selected Research Questions

The research activities of the institute stem from the generic question “How can risks, chances, opportunities and resources be managed successfully?” I.e. we work on research questions from the domain of business administration and economics
as e.g.:

  • How and how far can you minimize risks by means of sensible resource allocation?
  • Sensing and shaping of opportunities and threats - Seizing opportunities - Reconfiguring the resource base – How can you detect chances and risks methodology-wise and how can you turn these into profit?
  • Which chances can be derived from risky situations?
  • Organizational Fitness - How can you build an organizational structure which is fit to deal with potential opportunities & risks (known unknown & unknown unknown)
  • Multidimensional decisions under uncertainty – how can cybernetic models help to generate transparency for difficult decisions?
  • Low hanging fruit – how can you generate success with limited resources in a limited time span?

Next to these generic questions, we also work on very specific questions asked by the industry, as e.g.

  • How can risks in truck-meet-truck transports be managed by means of process design?
  • How can you influence the risk appetite of decision makers by different incentive systems?

RRM Research Team

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kunze - GEN & SCM

Spokesman of the institute

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Professor Dr. Michael Grabinski - GEN

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Prof. Dr. Elmar Steurer - GEN

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Prof. Dr. Rupert Bardens - HR

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Prof. Dr. Fatima de la Fuente - FI

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Prof. Dr. Marlon Fuller - ICT

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Emanuel Hermann

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Dr. Galiya Klinkova

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Dr. Fang Li

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Dr. Miguel Luzuriaga

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Dr. Florian Schlatterer

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Professor Dr.
Oliver Kunze Zum Profil

Professor für das Forschungs- und Lehrgebiet Betriebswirtschaftlehre mit Schwerpunkt Ressourcenrisikomanagement

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