International DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar

On behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU) organized an international DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar "Creating eLearning Lessons to support Hospital Management in Africa". The seminar wasbe conducted from the 30th of April and the 6th of May 2017 in Neu-Ulm, followed by participating in the conference re:publica in Berlin between the 8th of May and the 10th May 2017.

The participation at the Expert Seminar including the Congress was scheduled from 29th April (day of arrival) to 11th May 2017 (day of departure).

The seminar was offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of the program Alumni Special Projects. The costs were mainly covered by funds from the DAAD provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Main objective of the seminar is the development and implementation of eLearning lessons with audio and video for hospital staff training or for information provision for patients from African hospitals. With the abilities the participants gain during the seminar they will be able to transfer their knowledge to other employees in their hospitals and spread their knowledge also to other hospitals and to act as multipliers in this area.


  • To improve the instructional design competencies and develop a know-how for the use of authoring software
  • To enable the participants to create eLearning units including animations, quizzes and to create multi-media content
  • Networking activities

The results of the eLearning units will be represented at the re:publica.


The seminar was be spit into two parts:

1. Five days’ seminar at HNU

The main focus was the development of the eLearning units. There were discussions, presentations and group work about ideas out of the four topics Waste Management, Drug Management, Patient Satisfaction and Staff Motivation. An excursion to a hospital to discuss with hospital experts will complement the program.

2. Three days at the re:publica in Berlin

Representatives of digital culture shared their knowledge and decision-making tools, and discuss the future of the information society. Here they can mingle with activists, scientists, hackers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, journalists, social media and marketing experts, and many others. This fosters innovation and creates synergies between net politics, online marketing, network technology, digital society, and (pop) culture.

The seminar was held in English, hence English proficiency is essential to follow the presentations and participate in the discussions.

It was necessary to participate in the whole programme: seminar, congress and social programme.

Criteria for Participation

Alumni who want to take part in this program have to meet the following requirements:

  • Germany Alumni from developing countries / Africa. A stay in Germany of at least 3 months for study, work or scientific research has to be proven.
  • A proven working background in African hospitals.
  • To act as potential multipliers, e.g. people who are decision makers or people who are in a position to disseminate the acquired knowledge for regional implementation.
  • Adequate language proficiency which is essential to actively participate in the workshops and discussions as the seminar will be held in English.
  • Submission of an abstract (one page) about ideas to train hospital staff or inform patients with eLearning lessons out of the areas Waste Management, Drug Management, Patient Satisfaction and Staff Motivation. For selected participants it’s necessary to create about 15 PowerPoint slides as a basis for the further development of the eLearning lessons until 16th April 2017.

Cost Coverage

The project covers the following costs:

  • Flights (economy) to Frankfurt back from Berlin. The flights will be booked after agreement with the participants by the University (HNU)
  • Travel from Frankfurt to Neu-Ulm
  • Travel from Neu-Ulm to Berlin
  • Accommodation and part of living expenses during the stay at Neu-Ulm and Berlin
  • Visa costs against receipt
  • Travel health insurance (will be organized by HNU)
  • Working material during the seminar


Note: All other costs, such as transport costs from participants´ home to the airport or travel costs for visa application in the home country have to be covered by the participants. Please keep in mind that living costs are only covered partly during the stay in Germany.


The application (in English language) must include the following documents:

  • Filled form of application including your motivation for participation. The form can be downloaded here
  • A short CV with: surname, name, date of birth, organisation and current position, department, city, country, phone, e-mail
  • Indicate your Alumni status in providing details about your previous stay in Germany. Please indicate if you are a PhD candidate or a student
  • Short description of your present field of activities, your tasks/position and your personal professional goals
  • An overview on workshops, conferences and seminars visited in Germany after finishing your studies/your stay in Germany
  • A single sided abstract about ideas to train hospital staff or inform patients with eLearning lessons out of the areas Waste Management, Drug Management, Patient Satisfaction and Staff Motivation


The PDF-document with a total of max. 5 pages has to be named ‘Last name_First name_country’ (e.g. Eirich Natascha_Germany). 

Please note: Completeness of personal data mentioned in the application form will affect your eligibility as a participant.


After the review by the local organizing committee and DAAD, the invited participants will be notified beginning of March 2017.

Travel Dates

  • The date of arrival in Ulm was 29th April, 2017.
  • The date of departure from Ulm was 06th May, 2017.
  • The date of departure from Berlin was 11th May, 2017


Please note: Only African alumnis who studied, carried out research or worked in Germany are eligible to apply for this call.

Akkreditierungen und Zertifikate