Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb)

The Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) offers network-assisted teaching for all students who are enrolled at a Bavarian higher education establishment. Students can take courses in a variety of fields, such as business science, engineering, languages or informatics. This means that they can take advantage of the classes at Bavarian Virtual University in a variety of subjects independently of their own degree programme. New courses are constantly being added and are available for at least five years.

After successfully completing a course, students can apply to the Exams Office (at the Studies and Exams Office) to have their results taken into account for their degree at Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU). There is usually no problem about getting a course recognised as an elective course. However, even for courses offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) it is preferable to apply in advance to the Studies and Exams Office for recognition.

The work for the courses you choose is done online. You only need to attend the exam in person, the place of examination varying according to the course.

All Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) courses are free of charge for HNU students.

Accreditations and Certificates