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Learning French at the HNU

If you are in the Business Studies degree programme, you can choose between French and Spanish as your second foreign language in addition to English. If you are in any other degree programme, you can choose French as an elective module.

If you choose French as your second foreign language as part of your Business Studies degree programme, during the first two semesters you will take two consecutive courses of three credit hours each. Depending on your level of proficiency, you will enrol either in Business French (for those with previous knowledge equivalent to a strong A2) or the French Basic Course (for those with no previous knowledge). Together with Business Ethics and the Intercultural Seminar, French is part of the Intercultural Skills module.

You can study French as an elective course if you are at the advanced level in Business Studies or are in one of the following degree programmes:

You can take French as an elective course. Depending on your previous knowledge of the language, you will begin either with the Basic, Advanced, or UNIcert® course.


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