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Studying at the HNU

The HNU here offers students a quick overview as a guide to their individual studies.

Your timetable

You can find current timetable information on the intranet. To access it, select your department and degree programme in the Studies section. You received the codes for accessing the intranet when you enrolled.


All exams at the HNU take place during the Examination period at the end of each semester. During that period, you can also (re-)take exams of the previous semester. Use the Intranet to access the authoritative exam schedule, get information regarding examination registration and -deregistration or dates for the post-exam review.

The exam results will be announced exclusively in a password-protected area inside the Intranet.

The Examinations Boards of the individual degree programmes are responsible for observing and enforcing the exam regulations (in German: Studienprüfungsordnung, StuPo). The Studies and Exams Offices assists the Examinations Board.

Elective Courses

As part of your studies at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU), you must do a certain number of elective courses. You can find out how many courses, lectures and classes, obligatory and elective, you have to do to complete your degree from the respective Study and Examination Regulations.

Current elective courses or subject combinations are given on the Intranet (Studies / Department of Business and Economics, Information Management or Health Management), along with the type of tuition involved, the number of ECTS credits, tuition time in credit hours and the required coursework marks and examination grades, before lectures begin.

Absence for Reasons of Illness

If you are unable to take part in an exam for health reasons, you must cancel your registration. You will find further information about how to do this and what justifying documents are required in the Intranet in the Studies / Examinations / Illness section.


All students of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) must register each semester within the prescribed period in order to continue their studies (this is called re-registration). To re-register, you must transfer the re-registration fees, consisting of the semester fees and any tuition fees, by the due date.

Students who fail to do so will be crossed off the university register (Article 49(2)(4) of the Bavarian Higher Education Act).

Semester Abroad

As part of their studies, students of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) can get experience of living abroad by spending a semester studying or training in another country. You can get further information about the possible places, partner universities, funding, etc. from the International Office.


Where do I register my thesis?

Theses should be registered at the Studies Office. The registration form must by filled in completely by the responsible supervisor and then handed in to the Studies Office. After registration, the closing date will be sent to the student by post or e-mail together with detailed information about the Master / Bachelor thesis.

You can find further information in the Intranet under the rubric 'exams'. If there are any questions regarding the Bachelor thesis in the degree programme Business Information Systems or Information Management in Healthcare, please turn to the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

Inspection of Diploma, Bachelor and Master theses

All theses written at the HNU since 2006 are available in the theses database. Any papers not labelled confidential can also be viewed in the HNU library.

Diploma Supplement

The diploma supplement (DS) is an English-language document with standardised information about higher education qualifications which is issued along with the degree certificate.

The DS fosters transparency in higher education, facilitates academic and professional recognition in other European states and promotes informed judgement about professional qualifications. This makes it an important aid in raising the mobility of students and graduates.

At Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences, all successful graduates receive the diploma supplement automatically and free of charge in English.

The diploma supplement provides information about:

  • The type and level of higher education qualification
  • The status of the issuing higher education establishment
  • Information about the degree programme leading to the qualification (e.g. conditions of admission, the academic standards, goals and content of the studies, study structure and qualification)
  • List of the results achieved by the graduate
  • The national higher education system ('National Statement')
  • The academic or professional qualifications and admission entitlements acquired with the qualification

You can end your studies at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) at any time, even during the semester, by asking to be removed from the university register. Please note: once the final examination schedule has been announced, deregistration is no longer possible until the results have been announced. The Studies and Exams Office is responsible for deregistration. You can also get a deregistration form from there.

Besides your own personal reasons which may lead you to give up your studies, you may be deregistered under the Bavarian Higher Education Act. Below are the three most frequent reasons:

  • Students are removed from the university register at the end of the semester in which they passed their final examination.
  • Students will be struck off the university register if they were unable to attend an examination required by the Examination Regulations, or if they are definitively unable to comply with the conditions for registering for an examination for reasons they are required to justify.
  • Students will be struck off the university register if they fail to provide proof of payment of the re-registration and tuition fees, or if by their own fault they fail to submit the health insurance certificate required under student health insurance regulations.

Following your deregistration, you will receive a deregistration certificate for the German state pension insurance fund.

Academic Leave of Absence

If you take an academic leave of absence, the counter for your full study semesters will be put on hold for the time of your leave of absence. Click here to find detailed information.

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