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What should students know about the German BAföG?

The German BAföG is a combination of student loans and grants offered by the German government to eligible students.  The 22nd amendatory act to the BAföG became effective on 1 January 2008. Since then considerably more students can be supported via BAföG. A new childcare allowance was introduced: If students live in one household with their children who are under ten years of age, they can receive an allowance of € 113 for the first and € 85 for any additional children. Since 2008, students with migration background can obtain support easier than before.

It is worth applying for BAföG even if students do not receive an allowance today because their parents earn too much. Only if they apply will they truly know whether they might be eligible for funds. In the winter semester 2008/09 the qualifying rates were increased by 10% and the allowance against the basis for assessing the parents' tax by 8%. In Germany, 'Minijobs' are jobs for which only a lump sum payment in social security taxes need be made. If students with Minijobs earn no more than € 400 gross, that money will not be counted in their application.

BAföG will be paid at the earliest, beginning with the month the student applied for it. To keep the date, students can apply informally. The application will be sent to the BAföG department.

We will be glad to assist you. Applications for BAföG can be obtained in the web at

and at the Student Service Assocation Ulm, address: Söflinger Strasse 70, 89077 Ulm.

Students are to remit the university fees together with the other fees due when re-registering. The HNU will provide remittance slips in time before re-registering begins.

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