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Changing Programmes or Institutions

How can students change from another university of applied sciences to the HNU?

Students can apply to be admitted to continue their studies in an advanced semester in the Bachelor programme for a winter or summer semester, in the Master's programme only for the summer semester. To be admitted to an advanced semester it is necessary that all course achievements and exams from previous studies can be credited correctly. If students have completed none or only a few course achievements and exams up to this point, they should apply for the first semester.

How can students get credits for course achievements and exams?

Course achievements done at other universities of applied sciences in Germany can be recognised at the HNU.

For that, the application for recognition of achievements must be filled out:

  • One application per subject / module that is to be recognised

    The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

  • The relevant transcript,
  • Evidence of the content and duration, type and duration of the exam of the subjects passed already (e.g. module manual, course catalogue, description of the contents).

As a rule, any achievements delivered in a comparable degree programme at a university in the German federal state of Bavaria can be recognised. The examinations committees responsible for the respective subjects will decide whether any other course achievements can be recognised.

Applications for recognition of exams, descriptions of the contents as well as achievement certificates for exams passed already must be submitted by the closing date for applications. Any results of exams taken in the current semester may be handed in later.


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