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What does it mean if a degree course has "local admissions restrictions"?

This means that this degree course can only accomodate a given number of students per semester. This is known as its capacity. The capacity is laid down in the "Zulassungszahlensatzung". This document can be accessed here (in German).

If there are more applicants than the capacity allows, the applicants are admitted according to certain selection criteria (in most cases that's their final grade or the number of their waiting semesters).

The lowest grade that still makes it is called the "Numerus Clausus" (NC).

All Bachelor degree courses with local admissions restrictions at the HNU use the "dialogue-oriented service procedure" via That means that applicants first have to register at, before they can proceed with their application at the HNU.

Which degree courses* at the HNU do have local admissions restrictions?

Bachelor degree courses:

  • WIN
  • WIL

Master's degree courses:

  • MAM

The admission procedures for the degree programmes Business Information Systems and Information Management in Healthcare are carried out by the Ulm University of Applied Sciences in accordance with the provisions of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The application for admission is to be sent to the Ulm University of Applied Sciences which will also provide information about the procedure.

What does it mean if a degree course has "free admission"?

Every application that

  1. meets the entry requirements and
  2. arrives within the time-limit and in the prescribed manner gets admitted.

You can look up the entry requirements here (for Bachelor degree courses) and here (for Master's degree courses).

"in the prescribed manner" means, that the application has to use the proper channels and forms (e.g. it can't be submitted by email) and meet the entry requirements for studying the desired course at the HNU.

"within the time-limit" means, that all documents have to arrive at the HNU before the application deadline ends.

Please note: The notifocation of approval you'll receive after a successfull application does not yet mean that you study at the HNU. To become a HNU student, you have to take the next step and enroll within the enrollment period.

To apply for degree courses with free admission, please use the HNU application portal.

Which degree courses* at the HNU do have free admission?

Bachelor degree courses:

  • BWL
  • BGW
  • IMUK
  • IMA

Master's degree courses:

  • BIA
  • IEIM

Next step after sending your application: Admission

Learn more about the admission process.

* abbreviations for degree courses

BIA: Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
BGW (sometimes BG or BWG): Business Studies in Healthcare Management
(sometimes BW): Business Studies
: International Corporate Communication and Media Management
: International Enterprise Information Management
: Information Management in Healthcare
: Information Management Automotive
(sometimes IMU): Information Management and Corporate Communications
: Master of Advanced Management
(WF at the HS Ulm): Business Information Systems
(WL at the HS Ulm): Industrial Engineering / Logistics
(WI at the HS Ulm): Industrial Engineering

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