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Companies are exposed to constant change. Globalization is intensifying the competition and the digitalization produces enormous amounts of data (Big Data). New and innovative technologies for analytical data bases, Data Mining and visualization offer inventive opportunities for data analysis, data compaction and forecasting.

The purposeful commitment of Business Intelligence and Analytics offers new opportunities to transform data into information and knowledge. This knowledge enables the systematic regulation and control of companies and makes for a successful Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

The Master's degree programme in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics trains students to be experts in Business Intelligence and communicates the necessary know-how  to plan and realize innovative BI-strategies, BI-organizations and BI-architectures with state-of-the-art technologies. 

During the compulsory semester abroad the students acquire intercultural skills which are of use when working in international companies.

Graduates of the Master's degree programme in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics can support companies in choosing, implementing, applying and maintaining Business Intelligence solutions. They act as the interface between a company's management and the IT department, providing coordination between these vital corporate organisations.

Typical working areas and job opportunities are:

  • As "Data Scientist", the graduates will function as the intersection between IT and department as well as the company management. They will build analytical models for economic tasks (e.g. in the area of Data Mining).
  • As "BI Specialist", the graduates will work in the IT department to support integrated Data Warehouses. Out of the variety of data, they are able to extract the data needed for specific economic tasks.
  • As "Business Analyst", the graduates will analyze the company processes and develop company-wide BI-strategies for their support.
  • Additionally, extensive knowledge in IT, data analysis and management make the graduates to attractive candidates for consulting agencies.




Professor Dr.
Olaf Jacob View Profile

Vice President for Research and Digitalisation
Head of the degree programme Master of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics
Head of the Centre for Data Science & Business Analytics

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Main Building B,B.1.19


Peter Marquetand View Profile

Deputy Head of Studies Office

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