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Which career options will I have after graduation?

Graduates will be able and qualified to work in the strategic or operational planning and control of IT in international enterprises and organizations. Typical working areas will range from IT project management to controlling to IT-related management functions.

In addition, graduates might pursue a career in the IT services industry, i.e. in consulting, technical sales, project or quality management, product or service management or software/enterprise architecture.

Additional features

The obtained master's degree (M.Sc.) will qualify the graduates according to international standards also for obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of Information systems Research (ISR), i.e. in cooperation with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences or Kingston University.


Professor Dr.
Philipp Brune View Profile

Academic Head of IT Services
Head of the degree programme Master International Enterprise Information Management
Head of the Centre for Secure IT Applications and Infrastructures
Head of the Institute of Agile Product and System Development

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Peter Marquetand View Profile

Deputy Head of Studies Office

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