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What does the course offer?

International Enterprise Information Management (IEIM) is an international degree programme run by the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) and including a mandatory semester abroad either at Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland or Kingston University in England.

The master's degree programme educates future experts and executives in the field of IT and information management. Students learn to manage the resource 'information' in an enterprise context based on an optimized approach and understand how the respective information systems (IS) required therefore are planned, built, run and operationally managed.

Quick Facts


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Type of study


Standard period of study

3 semesters, incl. 1 semester abroad



Course start

Winter semester

Admission requirements

  • Successfully completed Bachelor degree (equivalent to 210 ECTS credits)
  • Minimum average grade of Bachelor's degree: good (equivalent to 2,3 or better on German scale)
  • Provable IT management and Computer Science skills obtained during undergraduate studies equivalent to at least 30 ECTS credits
  • Fluent English language skills (Level B2, TOEFL certificate or equivalent)
  • Fundamental German language skills (Level A1, proved upon enrollment)

Tuition fees


Application period

May 2 to August 31

Other rules and deadlines may apply for incoming international students


Special features

The obtained master's degree (M.Sc.) will qualify the graduates according to international standards also for obtaining a Ph.D. in the field of Information systems Research (ISR), e.g. in cooperation with Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences or Kingston University.

Career options

Career Options

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Curriculum and Structure

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Application and Admission

Application and Admission

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Professor Dr.
Philipp Brune View Profile

Academic Head of IT Services
Head of the degree programme Master International Enterprise Information Management
Head of the Centre for Secure IT Applications and Infrastructures
Head of the Institute of Agile Product and System Development

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Main Building A,A.1.55


Peter Marquetand View Profile

Deputy Head of Studies Office

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Main Building A,A.1.24

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