HNU degree programmes with practical experience

Internships are an integral part of our degree programmes: two internships are required in our Diploma programmes and one is compulsory for our Bachelor degree programmes. Additionally, students are supported before and after the internships.

How long does the internship semester last?
The internship semester is divided into the practical project and the courses accompanying it (introductory and closing block courses). After all leave or illness days or other absent periods have been deducted, students must have been present for at least 100 days.
After the exam period, the courses will take place at the HNU as block courses.

When will the internship in my degree programme take place?

Business Studies

Sixth semester

Business Studies in Healthcare Management

Fourth semester

Information Management Automotive

Sixth semester

Information Management and Corporate Communications

Fourth semester

Industrial Engineering

Fifth semester

Industrial Engineering / Logistics

Fifth semester*

Business Information Systems

Sixth semester*

Information Management in Healthcare

Sixth semester*

*The first internship will be administered by the Ulm University of Applied Sciences, the second one by the HNU.

Where can I find the internship suited for me?

It is up to you to select a suitable internship. However, we will be glad to assist you when searching for a internship, e.g. by providing the Career Service. The Service keeps in touch with companies and alumni of the HNU and will assist your search with its board for jobs and internships. You can access, free of charge, the offers available there. They are updated regularly and contain not only job offers, but also career events and subjects for thesis. You can also subscribe for job offers and have the suitable offers sent to you via email.

The responsibles for internships of the departments will also support you. They are responsible for approving the internship contract.

What are the requirements to be able to do a internship?

In the degree programmes Industrial Engineering, Industrial Engineering / Logistics and Business Information Systems, you should begin your internship as soon as you have passed the courses of the previous semester. Should there be a hardship case, the Examinations Board will decide.

Who is my contact in my degree programme?

Da-Cruz, Patrick Professor Dr.
Internship Coordinator for Business Studies in Healthcare Management
Head of the degree programme MBA Business Studies for Doctors
Distel, Stefan
Academic Advisor, Internship Coordinator and Head of the degree programme Industrial Engineering / Logistics
Head of the Centre for Logistics
Kimpflinger, Andrea Professor
Internship Coordinator and Head of the degree programme Information Management and Corporate Communications
Head of the HNU Examinations Board
Head of the Centre for Corporate Communications
Plechaty, Manfred Professor
Direktor am „Institut Digitale Transformation“
Professor für Informationsmanagement mit Schwerpunkt Automotive Product- Lifecycle- und Qualitätsmanagement
Praxisbeauftragter Information Management Automotive
Welte, Gerhard
Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator for Industrial Engineering
Wohlert, Dirk Professor Dr.
Internship Coordinator for Business Studies
Head of the Centre for Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation

Accreditations and Certificates