Joint doctoral programmes

Since the reform of the Law on Higher Education in Bavaria, universities and universities of applied sciences are allowed to co-operate in doctoral programmes and award joint doctorate degrees. In such a co-operative procedure the doctoral candidates can be supervised and individually supported by a university professor as well as one from a university of applied sciences. This legal innovation enables universities of applied sciences, such as the HNU, to re-enforce their research efforts and promote their own young academic staff.

Earning a Doctorate

Universities of applied sciences are not authorised to award doctoral degrees. Therefore graduates from universities of applied sciences (with the exemption of Master graduates), before being admitted to the doctoral procedure at a university, have to pass a so-called qualifying programme or test. Content and duration of such programmes or tests vary considerably depending on the relevant regulations at the specific university.

There are no national standards for promotion procedures in Germany, so every university issues its own regulations. If you require information about a specific university, you can research this here.


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