Study & Work International

Academic studies combined with practical experience abroad

A new type of programme has now been added to the range of courses offering intensive practical experience – Study & Work International, of which there are two varieties.

The 'Go Out' variant is aimed at German students and gives them a chance to acquire international skills thanks to intensive, practical training stints at company locations abroad.

The 'Come In' variant is designed for international students who attend HNU for two to three semesters and at the same time work for up to 150 days as an intern in a company. There are opportunities especially in areas such as Business Studies, International Logistics and Information Management.
The objective is to help secure a supply of qualified professionals and to support businesses in their search for skilled new recruits.

Who benefits from Study & Work International?

  • German students get an opportunity to acquire additional international skills which are essential in a globalised working environment.
  • For foreign students, hochschule dual international is a worthwhile way of studying which offers the subsequent possibility of an interesting job.
  • The businesses benefit as they have the possibility of training highly qualified employees with international experience and can also groom possible future employees.
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Dual Studies at the HNU

HNU's cooperative education programme offers you numerous advantages: first and foremost, the combination of academic study and professional experience provides you with outstanding career prospects. You can put the knowledge you gain at HNU to immediate, practical use – in other words, you interlink your theoretical knowledge with the real demands of a profession. This enables you to make a smooth transition from your studies to professional work.


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