Studies With Intensive Practical Experience

In degree programmes offering intensive practical experience at the HNU, students are given an education with a keen focus on practice by means of extended phases where they can gain hands-on experience in professional and management tasks. Compared with other forms of cooperative education, studies with intensive practical experience offer the advantage of greater flexibility for the students and companies alike.
The internship semester in the degree programmes and semester breaks is spent at companies and lasts for a total of at least seven months. It usually begins in the first to third semester. The HNU recommends particularly high-performing students to partner companies.
Students who decide in favour of a degree programme with intensive practical experience can apply directly to the companies or through the Career Service of the HNU.
The studies with intensive practical experience can be combined with all degree programmes at HNU.

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Dual Studies at the HNU

HNU's cooperative education programme offers you numerous advantages: first and foremost, the combination of academic study and professional experience provides you with outstanding career prospects. You can put the knowledge you gain at HNU to immediate, practical use – in other words, you interlink your theoretical knowledge with the real demands of a profession. This enables you to make a smooth transition from your studies to professional work.


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