Off-campus access

HNU students and university staff can access our e-books and databases off campus: Log in via EZproxy by entering your HNU computer credentials, then choose the source you want to use.

Frequently asked questions about EZproxy

How do I use EZproxy?

Just use your HNU credentials to log in via EZproxy. Then choose your search entry point. You do not need to install any software on your computer.

Are there known problems and how can I avoid them?

To keep your session valid, please make sure that every URL you click always contains the prefix "". If your current URL does not contain this prefix anymore, you're session is not valid either.

Because of this, please avoid the following actions:

  • clicking on bookmarks/favourites in your browser
  • entering URLs manually
  • opening empty tabs

All of the aforementioned actions let you leave the EZproxy environment and force you to restart your session.

What technology lies behind?

When clicking on one of our licensed sources, EZproxy will always redirect you to the EZproxy server. This gives you an IP adress as if you were on campus, which in turn allows you to use all of our licensed content.

EZproxy achieves this redirection by adding the prefix "" to your respective URL. You lose this prefix by clicking on links that lead you out of our licensed sources.



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