Books and E-books

You can find all books and all e-books in the library catalogue (also available for mobile devices).

Can I download and/or print every e-book?

You can access all e-books on campus; and HNU members can access them off-campus, too. But whether or not you can download/print them is being determined by the respective publisher's policy:

Many publishers protect their works by DRM (Digital Rights Management). This may result in major hurdles for the end-user: sometimes you can download a whole book with a single click, sometimes a (free) registration is necessary - and sometimes there is no download option at all and you have to read the e-book online in your browser.

Publishers do this to protect themselves from illegal, systematic downloads of their collection, but you as an end-user experience these safety measures as hurdles.

When buying e-books, the library has to accept the license agreement provided by the publisher; the only alternative would be not buying the e-book at all. Thus, a restricted access is a compromise, but the library considers this compromise more customer-friendly than not offering the e-book at all.

Terms of use for e-resources

When using electronic books, journals or database contents, please respect the corresponding copyright conditions of the respective publisher or editor (commonly found on their websites). Using e-resources requires complying with these conditions.

The following guidelines apply to all e-resources:

  • Access is granted only for members of the licensing institution and, within the rooms of the licensing institution, for walk-in-users. 
  • Full texts may only be copied or printed for personal and/or scholarly use.
  • Systematic downloading of articles, chapters or search results, especially by robots, is strictly forbidden. Please note: Violating this condition may result in immediate campus-wide blocking of the respective domain.
  • Articles/chapters must not be forwarded to third parties, neither electronic copies nor printed copies.
  • Commercial utilization of research results is strictly forbidden.
Where can I access e-resources?

HNU members can access all e-books on campus, both at stationary PCs and at their own devices via WLAN. They can get off-campus access, too. 

External library users can read all e-books at the research stations in the library entrance hall. They can print small parts of an e-book, but they may not forward electronic full texts, neither via e-mail nor via pen drives or the like.

You can get a complete overview of all e-book packages at HNU via DBIS (in German).

If a book is not available in the library, students and university staff can search the Bavarian Library Network in the library catalogue and order the book via inter-library loan.



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