Return via mail

You can return your books via mail as long as you ensure that they arrive undamaged. Here is a short FAQ:

Which address?

Please send your books to:

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Neu-Ulm
Wileystr. 1
89231 Neu-Ulm

How do I pack the books?

Rule of thumb: In a way that ensures the books arrive undamaged. This means:

  • We recommend sending the books as DHL paket because there will be insurance coverage up to € 500.
  • If you want to go a bit cheaper (but without insurance coverage), you can use a DHL Päckchen (up to 2 kg).
  • Even cheaper, but without insurance coverage and with longer delivery time (approx. 4 working days), is a book shipment (up to 1 kg) in a padded package (available at the post office). Please read the features and the required handling before deciding to use a book shipment.

Please add a short, informal cover letter to your shipment. In doing so, your shipment will be assignable even if the packaging is damaged.

Will there be fees even though I have already sent the shipment?

The return date will be the date on which the books arrive at the library, not your sending date, thus fees might be generated.

Who is responsible if the shipment is lost or damaged?

You as the sender are fundamentally liable.

The risk of a lost or damaged shipment is very low; however, if you want to be protected, you can always send the shipment as DHL paket because there will be insurance coverage up to € 500.


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