• Manage your literature in a central knowledge database.
  • Insert references into your paper with a single click, whether you use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.
  • Make Citavi author your bibliography.
What is the difference between Citavi and EndNote?

Operating system:

  • EndNote runs on Windows and Mac OS.
  • Citavi runs only on Windows. If you want to use Citavi on a Mac, you will have to install a virtual machine first (installation guide at "How can I install Citavi?"


  • EndNote's interface is in English and its citation styles are almost exclusively in English, too.
  • Citavi's interface is preset to German and can be set to English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. It contains all relevant citation styles in both German and English.


  • EndNote is a little difficult to learn, but its citation style editor is very clear and user-friendly.
  • Citavi is easy to learn and comfortable to use, but its citation style editor is rather confusing.
How can I install Citavi?

Students and staff of Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences can use Citavi full version at no cost.

  • Windows: First check wether your computer matches the system requirements. Then download the free basic version. Then upgrade to full version to be allowed to to create team projects and projects with more than 100 references.
  • Mac OS: You can use Citavi via a virtual machine that emulates a Windows environment. There is a detailed installation guide in the Citavi Manual.

After installation of Citavi, there will be a new tab called "Citavi" within Microsoft Word. If there is no tab, please contact Timo Guter.

How can I learn how to use Citavi?

Citavi offers excellent tutorials. And feel free to contact Timo Guter (member of the library) for any questions.


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