Open Access

Open access means free availability of scientific content in the world wide web.

Open Access Policy of Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

In the Open Access Policy of HNU (in German), publishing scholars are advised to publish their findings open access:

  • An optimal solution is a secondary, free publication of the published version on E-Prints, the publication database of HNU. This should be possible simultaneously, but at most six months after regular publishing.
  • Addditionally, scholars are advised to publish their findings in peer-reviewed open access journals.

Feel free to contact Dr. Elmar Buchner for any questions on the Open Access Policy and on the Open Access Fund of HNU.

Beware of Predatory Open Access Journals

Open access is great, but there are black sheep as well. Those predatory open access journals will publish your article without any peer review and subsist on the (often high) fees they charge.

If you find a new journal, please check if it is listed in the Predatory Open Access Journals.

Additional information on open access

The SHERPA/RoMEO project lists copyright regulations of different publishers in terms of open access. 


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