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You can fetch all of the items below at the library service desk during our opening hours. Please look them up in our library catalogue to ensure that they are currently available. If all items are on loan, you can put a reservation on them (just as if they were books). You will then receive an e-mail as soon as the item is available at the service desk.

Headphones - loan period: current day and following workday (Sennheiser HD 201)
Do you want to listen to soft music while studying in the library? Or watch tutorial videos without disturbing others? Then borrow a pair of our headphones. They are extra light, comfortable to wear and they block out ambient noises.
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Scan-mouse - loan period: 1 week (hama myScan)
Performs like a normal, easy running mouse - until you click the button on the left: Then it will scan the area underneath. Place it on top of a book or any other document, scan the texts or tables you need, and export them as image files, text files, or even excel files.
>> Video tutorial
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Scanning pen - loan period: 1 week (C-Pen TS1)
Hold it like a marker pen and move it along the text line you need. It will scan the line and export it directly into your word processing programme, e. g. Microsoft Word.
>> Software and guide
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Presenter - loan period: 1 week (Kensington 33374eu)
This device is a remote control for your PowerPoint presentation, and it comes with a laser pointer. Just insert the integrated USB drive into your computer, the device does not require any installation. 
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USB stick - loan period: current day and following workday (Transcend 16 GB JetFlash)
Comes with 16 GB storage capacity and USB 3.0 technology.
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