Reference Library Steubenstraße

The reference library in the Steubenstraße provides literature for Students, faculty, and staff of the Department of Health Management. The library is staffed by student assistants.

Last opening hours on July 19, 2018

The reference library is open for the last time on July 19, 2018 (Thursday). Afterwards, the collection will be integrated into the main library's collection.

Where is the reference library?

It is located in Steubenstraße 17 in room A117 (ground floor). You can find a map in the right-hand column.

Which books are there?

The collection targets the information needs of students of the Department of Health Management.

Printed books:
You can find all books located in the reference library by using the library catalogue: Change the search category to call number, type in 800/* and click on search.

Explanation: Call numbers of media in the reference library always begin with 800/ while call numbers of media located in the main library begin with 100/. Please note that searching by call number will only find printed media, no e-books.

E-books can be found in the library catalogue by using the search categories all fields, title, author or subject heading. HNU members can access them on campus and off-campus via EZproxy. In the reference library, there is a list containing all reference books which are also available electronically.

Can I borrow or copy media?

Media of the reference library can be used within the library, you cannot borrow them. This guarantees that needed material is always available.

There is a multi-function device where you can scan or copy parts of books or journals. Please respect copyright law.

In the main library, there are borrowable copies for almost every book located in the reference library. And there is a list in the reference library containing all reference books which are also available electronically.

Which journals are there?

The following journals are available in print:

  • Absatzwirtschaft : Zeitschrift für Marketing (2015 ff, from1992 in wiso)
  • Altenheim : Lösungen fürs Management (2013 ff)
  • Care konkret : Wochenzeitung für Pflegemanagement (2014 ff)
  • Führen und Wirtschaften im Krankenhaus : F&W (2014 ff)
  • Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement : Klinik und Praxis, Wirtschaft und Politik (2015 ff)
  • Gesundheitswesen, Das (2014 ff, from 2000 in Thieme Connect)
  • Gesundheitswirtschaft (2014 ff)
  • Health@work : Magazin für betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement (the last two volumes)
  • Horizont : Zeitung für Marketing, Werbung und Medien (12/2015 ff, from 1992 in wiso)
  • Pflege in Bayern (the last two volumes)
  • Pflegewissenschaft (2015 ff)
  • Rechnungswesen der Krankenhäuser (Handkommentar, Loseblattwerk)
  • Rehabilitation, Die : Zeitschrift für Praxis und Forschung in der Rehabilitation (2015 ff)
  • Werben und verkaufen : W&V (11/2015 ff, from 1993 in wiso)
  • Zeitschrift für Führung und Personalmanagement in der Gesundheitswirtschaft : ZFPG (2015 ff, freely available in the internet)
Which databases on health management are there?

The following databases can be accessed on campus and off-campus via EZproxy. Please note that these are only the databases on health management. We have licensed many more databases.

  • Implicon
    archive containing the German journals Implicon and ImpliconPlus on health policy
  • Karger-Verlag
    database containing books and journal articles on biomedicine
  • Livivo
    database containing references (i. e. no full texts) of journal articles and discussion papers on life sciences in general 
  • PsycArticles
    database containing journal articles on psychology
  • PubMed Central
    database containing references (i. e. no full texts) of journal articles, discussion papers, and e-books on biomedicine and life sciences
Can I return books which I borrowed from the main library?

Books can be dispensed via a book return-box. This book return-box can be found close to the library, on the left side of the main lecture room (nearby room A126). Please return yours books at least two days ahead of the stipulated date so that they reach the main library in time.

The book return-box is not emptied on weekends, holidays and during semester breaks. In this case, please return your books in the main library.

Opening hours of the reference library

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 

11 am – 2 pm

11 am – 3 pm 


Contact (mail)

0731/9762-2706 (phone)

0731/9762-2799 (fax)



Steubenstraße 17

89231 Neu-Ulm (map)

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