Learning Place and Services

The quiet ambience and a well-equipped IT infrastructure distinguish the library as a modern learning place. The access is barrier-free. (There are additional barrier-free offers, e. g. read-aloud functions within several databases. We will be happy to advise you!)

You can find our services in the left-hand navigation. After 5 pm only limited service can be provided.


There are more than 50 learning stations in the reading room, each station being equipped with sockets and a reading lamp. Students of the HNU can access the HNU network via WLAN.

The group study room offers space for up to eight persons. You may also use our training room (for up to 25 persons) when there are no training sessions.
The rooms cannot be reserved.

Students can work in four rentable and lockable carrels and leave their work material inside. You can find and reserve these carrels in our library catalogue.

Two more carrels can be used spontaneously.

Technical equipment

There are not just books: you can borrow technical equipment, too! We provide you with headphones, USB sticks or computer mice with an integrated scan option. You can also borrow cables and adapters.

On campus, you can send print jobs from every work station and retrieve them at every network printer by scanning your Campus Card. The network printer in the library is located in the copy room.

Our two high-performance scanners let you digitalise large texts in a short time. The PDF files are sent directly to your USB flash drive. One device is located next to the journals in the reading room, the second one is in the copy room.
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Additional offers

We provide you with 12 rentable caddies. You can use them to keep your working material within the reading room.

You can find and reserve these caddies in our library catalogue.



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