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How can I get a library card?

The library is available to all HNU students and members of the staff as well as to all citizens from the age of 16 up in the greater Ulm/Neu-Ulm area (zoomable map of catchment area). You may use the library free of charge for academic research, professional work and enhancement of personal skills.

To get your own account, please visit us between 9 am and 5 pm (Monday till Friday). Please note our reduced opening hours during semester breaks.

  • Members of the HNU can attach the library account to their campus card.
  • External users can get a personal library card. A deposit of € 10 in cash must be made for the card which will be returned when the card is cancelled and still functional. And you need to show us your identity card or passport with registration certificate or a comparable public document with your photo and your address on it. Under-age persons (from the age of 16 up) need their parents or legal guardians to sign the registration form. You can download the form (in German), print it double-sided and let your legal guardian sign it; then bring the printed form with you when creating your account. Creating your account will take only two or three minutes, but you need to visit the library personally for this.
What does it cost to use the library?

In general, there is no charge for using the HNU library. A deposit of € 10 must be made for the library card, which will be returned if the card is cancelled and if it is still functional.

However, charges will be generated in the following cases:

  • If you exceed your loan period, there will be charges starting with € 7.50.
  • If you order books via the inter-library loan (for students and members of the staff only), that is free of charge. But there is a charge for ordering essays via the inter-library loan (for students and members of the staff only), depending on the amount of pages of the essay, beginning with € 1.50 for up to 40 pages.
  • If you lose or damage your library card, there will be a charge of € 25 for issuing the card again.
  • If you lose or damage one of our books, you will have to buy a new, unused copy of it or of a newer edition and pay an additional charge of € 10.
How can I extend loan periods?

You can extend loan periods 5 work days before expiry unless the media are reserved by other users or have already been extended three times.

In order to extend a loan period, log in to the library catalogue and choose the required book. There is a detailed description in the manual.

The extension will be for 4 weeks for students of the HNU and for 2 weeks for external users, beginning on the date of the extension. You can extend loan periods three times. If you need the media for an even longer time, please show them to the library staff. We will return them and you can re-borrow them immediately.

You cannot extend loan periods of media ordered via inter-library loan service on your own. Please send us a extension request via e-mail. We will then ask the holding library for extension.

How can I access e-books and databases? Can I access them off campus?

HNU members can access electronic media on campus, both at stationary PCs and at their own devices via WLAN (required WLAN: eduroam, has to be configured before usage, see manual in HNU intranet. They can get off-campus access for most databases, too. 

External library users can access electronic media at the research stations in the library entrance hall after two work days since account creation. They can print a small amount of results, but they may not forward electronic full texts, neither via e-mail nor via pen drives or the like.
There is also a free wireless LAN called BayernWLAN, but you cannot access e-books or databases via this network, it is intended for free web search. To use it, connect your device to @BayernWLAN and accept the generall business terms on the start page; if the start page does not show up, you can open it via

I cannot return media on time. Will there be overdue charges? What can I do?

Yes, there will be charges. To avoid these, you can send your media by mail.

You can also have your media returned by third persons (for example friends or family members), even when the library is closed (for details, please read the answer to "Can I return media when the library is closed?").

The charges start at € 7.50 and are generated each time we send a letter to the last known address of yours. This means that charges are valid even if you have not received our letter (yet).

Similarly, our e-mail notifications are an optional service. If you have not received a notification, this does not release you from having to pay charges.

Please pay your overdue charges via Campus Card at our self-payment station.

Can I return media when the library is closed?

Yes, you can. There are 2 different return boxes at the black cube in the HNU foyer, one for books and one for CDs/DVDs. We will process these media on the following working day, so please do not return them at the last day of your loan period. Also, please note that you can access these return boxes only during the opening hours of the main building.

Returning media via these boxes is not guaranteed. Please check your account in our library catalogue to see wether the media have been returned.

You can also send your media by mail if you are currently not in Neu-Ulm.

When you are in Neu-Ulm and we are open, please return your media at the service desk. Thank you.

How can I log in to the library catalogue?

With your user number and your password. The user number ist printed on your library card (beginning with NU or UL), your password is your date of birth in the form ddmmyy (e. g. 231192).

HNU Members do not have a library account from the start. You can log in to library catalogue after registering at the service desk in the library.

Please note: Access to e-books is not controlled via login but via IP address (i. e. on campus, you have access to all electronic media without any required login. HNU members can get off-campus access, too). Logging in allows you to see and prolong your loan periods and to order borrowed books or books via inter-library loan.

Can I print or copy documents in the library?

Yes, if you have charged your library card with the required amount (more information). Scanning at our high-performance book scanner by using a flash drive is free of charge. 

You access the printers in the library entrance hall at the workstations next to them. The network printer (which can also copy and scan) is accessible at every computer on campus and on your own device via W-LAN (only possible for HNU members). We strongly recommend registering your library card at the network printer so you can execute print jobs much faster. Feel free to ask the library team for assistance.

The network printer also allows you to print PDFs or picture files (but no MS office files) from your own flash drive.

Can I get extended loan periods during my thesis?

Yes, if you show us your completely filled and approved HNU thesis registration form. You will be allowed to borrow books for 10 instead of 4 weeks. And you can ask for individual literature research support.
>> more information

My address/e-mail address has changed. Should I tell the library?

Yes, we strongly recommend this. Otherwise you won't be able to get our notifications on arrived books or loan periods. 

HNU students must inform the Studies and Exams Office and the library about such changes.

Please consider that our e-mail notifications are an optional service. If you have not received a notification, this does not release you from having to pay charges.

Are there any lockers?

There is a white and a black cube in the HNU foyer with lockers. There are two types of lockers:

  • lockers for permanent loan (mainly at the white cube, some more at the black one): You can get one of these lockers for as long as you want if you pay a deposit of € 50,00 in cash to Mr. Michael Steinmann (finance department) and show him your valid Campus Card. He will make out a receipt. Show the receipt to a staff member of the post office (main building, directly opposite of main entrance) to get a locker key.
  • lockers for quick and temporary use (only at the black box): You can use one of these lockers by entering a freely selectable four-digit code (detailed instructions at the black cube) and store your valuables while your in the library. Please do not leave anything in these lockers overnight. We steadily control these lockers and empty them if needed.
Which shelf classification does the library use? What does the shelf mark on the back of a book mean?

The library stock has been classified in accordance with the Regensburg Library Classification Scheme.

The shelf mark you find in the library catalogue will lead you to the location of the medium in the shelves of the HNU library. Here is a typical shelf mark:

100/QP 120 M699-2(4)+2 
100 = branch (here: main library)
QP 120 = topic (here: 'Overview of Business Studies')
M699 = author's acronym
-2 = second volume of a book with several volumes
(4) = fourth edition 
+2 = second copy of the book

How do I find journal articles?

You can find journal articles in our licensed databases, often with attached full text. If full text is not available, you can order a copy of the article via inter-library loan.

In our library catalogue, journal articles can be found in the third tab of the result list.



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