Closing for library extension

From July 22 till October 20, 2019, the library is empty and closed due to extension. The printed collection is unavailable because the books are stored by a forwarding agency. In the following, we try to answer the most frequent questions. If your question remains unanswered, please feel free to contact the library team (see contacts).

Are there any upgrades after the closure?

Renovation will not be complete on October 20, 2019. After the renovation, there will be the following upgrades:

  • More learning stations and group study rooms: The ground floor will be connected to the first floor via a circular staircase in the reading room. On the first floor, there will be 4 additional group study rooms and many learning stations.
  • Unattended opening hours: HNU students will be able to enter the library without any library staff by using their (registered) Campus Card at the entrance.
  • New carpet: There will be a new, more robust carpet on the ground floor.
Can I borrow books during the closure?

Unfortunately no, you cannot: During the extension, all media are stored by an external forwarding agency.

Can I return books?

Yes, you can: Put your books into the return box at the black locker cube in the HNU foyer. If the return box is full, please contact our temporary front office (see right-hand column). You can also send your books by mail.

Can I keep my borrowed books during the closure?

Yes, you can, unless they are media from the inter-library loan service. All media from our collection will have loan periods that end after the closure.

Starting in July 18, you can borrow reference material, too (except for loose-leaf editions) and keep it until October 7, 2019.

However, inter-library loan media have to be returned until July 10, 2019, because we cannot offer inter-library loan during the closure.

Can I fetch reserved books?

Yes, you can: Please go to our temporary front office (see right-hand column).

Can I order media via inter-library loan service?

Unfortunately no, you cannot: There is no inter-library loan during the closure. Instead, please go to the library of Ulm University of Applied Sciences: All HNU students can create an account for free and can order media via inter-library loan for € 1,50.

Most public libraries offer inter-library loan, too, and can access the same inter-library loan collection.

Can I pay my fees?

Yes, you can. Please pay in cash at our temporary front office (see right-hand column).

Unfortunately, there is no way to pay via Campus Card, via EC or via transaction.

Can I contact the library team?

Yes, you can: The library team is located in a temporary front office (see right-hand column). You can contact us personally, via phone and via e-mail (see contacts).

Are there any trainings for Citavi, EndNote etc.?

No, but you can contact Timo Guter. He can help you either via mail or in person.

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