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Jul. 30 - Sep. 19, 2018
(summer break:
open for 4 hours per day)

Tue, Wed, Thu

9 am - 1 pm
1 pm - 5 pm (closed in the morning!)
9 am - 1 pm

Sep. 20, 2018 (staff event)



Sep. 21, 2018


9 am - 1 pm

Open Saturdays (10 am - 2 pm): Oct. 13, Oct. 27 ... more

* If we are open before 9 am or after 5 pm, there is only limited service.


If your laptop does not offer a LAN port and you still want to use a LAN cable, you can borrow one of our new USB-A or USB-C adapters.

Remote access on F.A.Z.
You can now access F.A.Z.-Bibliotheksportal off campus via EZproxy, too. HNU library has extended the current license.

Test access to SMR - Journal of Service Management Research
Until Oct. 3, 2018, you can access SMR (published by Vahlen). This journal is on service management in finance, IT, controlling, human resources, logistics, production and marketing. 
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