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As students of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU), you are entitled to take advantage of the wide variety of sports offered at the University of Ulm. Aerobics, diving, basketball, from fitness to dance and the martial arts right through to conventional ball sports, a vast and diverse range of courses is open to you.

In addition to the university sports programme, the sports unit offers a number of selected sports events, such as skiing and snowboarding trips to the nearby Alps and two-day sailing courses on Starnberg Lake.
In collaboration with Illerrieden e.V. golf club, which boasts possibly the most beautiful golf course in the region, it also offers a golfing course for small groups. Further activities are also in the pipeline, including a rock-climbing course.

The HNU has been a partner of top athletes since the beginning of 2005. This means that you receive special, personalised support during the whole of your degree programme if you are a top athlete at the national or international level. This allows you to pursue your sport as you study and – if possible – graduate from the HNU without losing time.


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