ROCK YOUR LIFE! Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V.

We build bridges between pupils, students and businesses. Throughout Germany.

What can we do as students to even the educational playing field? How can pupils and students benefit from each other?

Our approach

ROCK YOUR LIFE! trains committed students to be mentors who then accompany a pupil for two years providing ongoing individual coaching helping to enter into the work force.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! is a win-win situation for everyone involved:

Pupils ...

  • ... improve their school performance
  • ... enhance their social skills and perspectives;
  • ... improve their ability to reflect;
  • ... are enabled  to seize new opportunities and improve their chances for a successful entry into an apprenticeship or training;
  • ... are able to take the initative and have increased self confidence once they have completed the ROCK YOUR LIFE! programme successfully.

Students ...

  • ... improve important social skills;
  • ... become aware of their social responsibility;
  • ... can use the experience as mentors later in their careers – possibly in leadership positions.

ROCK YOUR LIFE! mentors have access to a business network that spans all of Germany and helps by providing internships and training positions for pupils. ROCK YOUR LIFE! acts as an intermediary between educators and potential students. Win-win situations are created for both sides: companies increasingly employ secondary school pupils because they find teachers and workers who are determined and motivated and fit into their business by using our network.

The background: Why ROCK YOUR LIFE! is urgently needed

Success for adolescents in Germany, as compaired to other OECD countries, is heavily influenced by their socio economic backgrounds. For children from underprivileged backgrounds, this often means a cycle of inherited lack of prospects and poor career opportunities. Particularly affected are secondary school pupils, who often haven't found one year after graduation a training or have quit their training.

Our Vision: Sustainable Effects for pupils, students and the society

ROCK YOUR LIFE! follows a simple vision: a society in which equal education opportunities, equal rights and integration are a reality for all people who want to develop themselves. A society in which the more fortunate help the less fortunate adolescents who are socially and economically disadvantaged. A society in which every human being assures his fellow man: „You are great and I believe in you. Take your dreams and your life in your hands and ROCK YOUR LIFE!

Lena König, Alena Kotelnikov, Carolin Hartl, Maria Kaiser, Johanna Hehr, Jana Scheffels, Denis Krüger (f.l.t.r.)

Current information is available on our website!

The Rock Your Life team Ulm / Neu-Ulm took the 1st place in the responsibility price 2016.

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