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The LIONS Club Campus Neu-Ulm has made it his mission to carry out joint projects and activities in order to enrich the social life at the HNU and the region following the principles of Lions Clubs International.

Lions club members help! Whether in children's and youth projects, in supporting visually impaired or in third world countries – each 'Lion' volunteers his time for people in need. People from the local area are taken into consideration for assistance, as well as the needy around the world. In addition to the social objectives Lions Clubs International also promotes cultural projects and is committed to international understanding, tolerance, humanity and education.

In carrying out these tasks, students from the HNU, as well as professors and staff members are equally involved. If you are interested you can find more information on the website or below by writing to the specified email address.

Why become a Lion?

Lions do good things! Worldwide now 1.4 million Lions members commit themselves to tolerance in human society and help with money and material donations or through direct personal involvement in hotspots when needed, whether locally or globally, and particularly they strive to:

  • serve the community
  • develop friendly relations among nations
  • assist their fellow human beings with spiritual and material needs

Due to the local and international cooperation's that the worldwide network of Lions clubs has built up they have superior resources with which to help their fellow human beings.

Together Lions Clubs can achieve more than a single individual. Lions help efficiently and effectively. They are the largest non-profit service club, and they are able to speak at the United Nations.

What is special about a LIONS club campus?

Lions clubs at universities (and at universities of applied sciences) develop projects and activities to address the specific needs of the local universities and to give members the opportunity to implement new ideas.

A LIONS club campus also represents the entire university community including students, department members, entrepreneurs and many more. Because of this diversity the club can draw on experience and skills from a wide range of people. Problems in the community can be effectively solved, and the members have the opportunity to learn from each other.

What are the benefits for me as a student?

In addition to the good feeling, having done something good you also get the chance to educate yourself from the start.

Assume global leadership, gain practical experience, and get personal contact with professors and entrepreneurs from the region ...

These are just a few of the benefits of a membership in the Lions campus club.

How to become a Lion

If you want to support the goals and principles as well as the projects contact your local Lions club.

Contact for example the person mentioned on this website and express your interest. Only then you will find more details about the important and varied work of the Lions.

If you want to learn more, we would be very pleased if you contact us. The ccontact information can be found in the right column.

Even if you are only interested in making a donation to our activities so that we can achieve our goals, we would be very happy for the support. The donation account information is also in the right column.

The members of the Lions Club Campus Neu-Ulm
Welcome: more female power for the Lions Club Campus Neu-Ulm
Einstein Marathon
High Ropes Course

Collection of stuffed animals for Lebanon (handover by Orienthelfer e.V.)

Raising campaign of Santa Clauses. Handing over to children of  the Children's Hospital Ulm, Ulm food bank, and other charitable institutions.

Typing campaign for the inclusion of potential donors in the stem cell donor for combating leukemia.
more information (in German)

Campaign "Christmas in a shoebox": Christmas gifts for poor children in Eastern Europe.

HNU LIONS Campus Club activities

Beautification of the newly founded Kinderinsel


LIONS Club Campus Neu-Ulm

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