First Aid

Little effort, major impact. From plasters to bandages and resuscitation – immediate first aid measures after an accident can save lives. Before professionals arrive it is everybody's duty to provide first aid for people who are sick or have had an accident. Our first-aiders will help you!

Where can I find first aid materials?

First Aid stations in the HNU main building A:

  • First aid room in the purple staircase (incl. bed, woollen blanket, eyewash bottle and defibrillator)
  • Secretariat Department of Information Management (office EINS 30, Cathrin Steimann)
  • Honold Club (Club E, 2nd floor) in kitchen

First Aid stations in the Edison Center:

  • House 1 Level 1: first aid kit on the red wall of the 'Bubble'
  • House 3 Level 1: first aid cabinet in the meeting room
  • House 4 Level 1:first aid cabinet, defibrillator, woollen blanket and bed (folding bed for transport within the Edison building) in the photocopy room
  • House 4 Level 2: first aid kit
  • House 4 Level 3: use kit on Level 2

First Aid stations in the main building B:

  • First aid room in the 1st floor, room B.1.05

All the first aid stations have the necessary first aid materials and an accident book in which a record MUST be kept of what has been taken out and by whom.

Have you removed any important first aid materials? Please report this to the finance department immediately so that new materials can be ordered to ensure that equipment is complete at all times.

If you remove a single plaster, you do not need to report it; simply make a record in the accident book.

HNU first-aiders

Effective first aid requires the right skills. First-aiders are lay persons qualified to take the first steps at the site of an incident to prevent any serious hazard for life or health.
At HNU, new first-aiders are being trained all the time and the know-how of existing first-aiders is kept up-to-date by means of regular training courses. This way, HNU has first aid contacts everywhere on the campus – because in serious cases, every second can count. So don't delay – contact our first-aiders!

Reporting accidents

If you have an accident on the way to or at the university of applied sciences, please report it to the personnel department, as it will have to be reported to the Association of Municipal Accident Insurers. If you have an accident at work, please take note of the following instructions:

If you need medical help, it is important that you should consult an approved accident insurance physician ('Durchgangsarzt'). In the event of an occupational accident, only a Durchgangsarzt physician, as they are known, is entitled to treat you (except in the case of life-saving measures).

This physician decides whether you can be prescribed general treatment by your GP or whether special treatment is required, which he or she usually dispenses in that case, owing to the type or severity of the injury. If the treatment is dispensed by your GP, the Durchgangsarzt monitors your recovery.

First-aider training

You are an employee at the HNU and you are interested in first aid training? Then just contact us.
The basic training requires one day to complete. Every two years these skills have to be renewed by participating in an additional training. As an employee of the HNU you are entitled to do the training for first-aiders during your working hours.

Accreditations and Certificates