Health Insurance

In Germany, all students are obliged to take out health insurance. To register at the HNU, you must submit a health insurance certificate from a statutory or private health insurance fund.

Most first-time students are covered by their parents' family health insurance. Once this health insurance ends, you must take out your own health insurance. The statutory health insurance funds in Germany offer special health insurance policies for students. The monthly contributions for students who have attained the age of 24 are € 458.46 per semester (€ 76.41 a month), and for all other students € 467.40 per semester (€ 77.90 per month).


  • Students, who have attained the age of 31
  • Students who have already completed their 14th semester
  • PhD students
  • Students who are entitled to state family health insurance (up to their 26th birthday)

These students must take out health insurance with a private health insurance fund or make 'voluntary' contributions to a statutory health insurance fund (higher than student health insurance). The rates of the private health insurance funds are calculated on an individual basis and can vary widely.

Students from countries which have signed a social security agreement with Germany

Students from EU countries and from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia and the states of the former Yugoslavia are not obliged to take out health insurance in Germany if they already have health insurance in their home country. Ask your health insurance fund for a certificate proving that you have health insurance and apply for the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).

Students who wish to use the health insurance they have in their home country in Germany

All other students with private health insurance in their home country must provide proof (in German or English) that their health insurance fund will cover all costs in Germany. This means that you will be exempted from taking out mandatory health insurance with a statutory insurance fund in Germany. Travel insurance is not sufficient.


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