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Quick Facts


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Type of study


Standard period of study

7 semesters, incl. one internship semester


210 ECTS



Course start

Winter semester and summer semester

Admission requirements

entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, Abitur (certificate from German secondary schools as requirement for university entrance); 'Fachhochschulreife' as entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences

Tuition fees

the HNU charges an overall fee (student services fee and solidarity contribution) each semester

Application period

Summer semester: November 15 to January 15

Winter semester: May 2 to July 15

Other rules and deadlines may apply for incoming international students


  • 4th and 5th semester are taught entirely in English
  • intercultural skills
  • A year or semester abroad is possible, the internship semester or the Bachelor thesis can be done abroad as well

Special features

Selection of individual special fields of study in the 4th semester

Professors coach students from the first day of their studies


The automotive industry is one of Germany's largest employers

If we consider all the people working in sectors which are dependent on the automotive sector, this amounts to more than five million jobs: in addition to passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles as well as additional services which are offered by the industry.

Information Technology (IT) gets the horsepower on the road

To a large degree, automotive companies rely on IT applications and technologies in e.g development, manufacturing and sales for their products. This is why all automotive manufacturers, as well as the larger suppliers, have their own IT organisations and, furthermore, work closely together with companies from the IT industry.

For the IT industry, automotive IT solutions – that is, IT solutions for the automotive industry – are a source of considerable revenue. Increasingly, all the major IT service providers, as well as many medium-sized and smaller enterprises, are generating specialized, industry-focused solutions and for this require qualified employees with industry know-how who understand the customer. All the large IT service providers have created their own industry-specific departments or business divisions for this purpose.

Specialised knowledge delivers an advantage

This explains the growing need for qualified workers with competence in automotive processes and products, business management, and information systems and technologies.

The Bachelor's degree in Information Management Automotive provides you with the requisite skills …

... in an interdisciplinary degree programme. Graduates have a crucial edge over graduates of non-industry-specific degree programmes when competing for jobs in the automotive industry, which are among the most coveted and best paid in Germany.

Career options

Career Options

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Curriculum and Structure

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Practical experience

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Application and Admission

Application and Admission

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Questions regarding course contents?

Professor Dr.
Joerg-Oliver Vogt View Profile

Head of the degree programme Information Management Automotive
Head of the Centre for Corporate Performance Management

Send E-Mail to Professor Dr. Joerg-Oliver Vogt
Edisonalle 7,DREI 2, EDISON 7

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