HNU | Information Management and Corporate Communications B.A. – Application

Application deadlines for the summer semesterApplication deadlines for the winter semester

Regular students

15 November to 15 January

2 May to 15 July

International degree-seeking students

15 November to 15 January

2 May to 15 July

Exchange students

1 December

1 May

What does it mean if a degree course has "free admission"?

Every application that

  1. meets the entry requirements and
  2. arrives within the time-limit and in the prescribed manner gets admitted.

You can look up the entry requirements here (for Bachelor degree courses) and here (for Master's degree courses).

"in the prescribed manner" means, that the application has to use the proper channels and forms (e.g. it can't be submitted by email) and meet the entry requirements for studying the desired course at the HNU.

"within the time-limit" means, that all documents have to arrive at the HNU before the application deadline ends.

Please note: The notifocation of approval you'll receive after a successfull application does not yet mean that you study at the HNU. To become a HNU student, you have to take the next step and enroll within the enrollment period.

To apply for degree courses with free admission, please use the HNU application portal.

Which degree courses* at the HNU do have free admission?

Bachelor degree courses:

  • BWL
  • BGW
  • IMUK
  • IMA

Master's degree courses:

  • BIA
  • IEIM

Accreditations and Certificates