HNU | Industrial Engineering B.Eng.

HNU | Industrial Engineering B.Eng. – International Profile

International exchanges are the best way to prepare for the international job market. The HNU encourages study visits abroad, e.g. by partnerships with universities of applied sciences in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia and by subsidizing students. These grants are taken from the tuition fees.

Costs depend on the university of applied sciences chosen. All international exchanges can be supported by subisidies financed by the fees. No fees are incurred within the framework of the European Exchange Programme ERASMUS.

It is possible to choose languages such as French, Spanish or Japanese as elective courses. Students are thus best prepared for international exchanges. Students can gain work experience abroad by

  • studying one or two semesters abroad
  • doing an internship semester abroad
  • writing a Bachelor thesis with a company abroad

Accreditations and Certificates