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HNU | Industrial Engineering B.Eng. – Curriculum

During the first two semesters, students are introduced to the basics of business processes and relationships as well as technological knowledge.

By taking the elective courses that they are interested in, students can set their own priorities, depending on their individual inclination and interest. As a rule, lectures are offered by experienced lecturers with professional experience.

Examples of elective courses
  • Telematics and transport planning
  • B2B market research
  • Environment management
  • Innovation management
  • Marketing and trade fairs
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Professional English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, French

In addition to subject-related elective courses, students can take courses dealing with development of teamwork skills and presentation techniques.

First and second semester
  • Technical physics
  • Energy management
  • Materials engineering
  • CAD construction
  • Technical mechanics
  • Machine parts
  • Mathematics I and II
  • English I and II
  • Data processing I and II
  • Commercial law I and II
  • Accounting
  • Basics of Business studies and Economics
Third and fourth semester
  • Production management
  • Production processes
  • Automation
  • Quantitative methods
  • Internal accounting
  • Business studies
  • Elective courses
Fifth semester
  • Internship semester
Sixth and seventh semester
  • Bachelor dissertation
  • Elective courses
  • Quality management and logistics and/or Applied business technology
  • Corporate management

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