Application for Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

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Course start winter semester 2019/2020



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Course start summer semester 2020



application portal opens at the beginning of the application period

Exchange students



You find the information on how to apply here.

'Hochschule Dual' = Co-operative studies – the so-called 'Ulmer Modell'

The degree programme Industrial Engineering can also be studied in accordance with the 'Ulmer Modell (Ulm model), beginning in the winter semester.

In Germany, the certificate as 'Industrial mechanic' is recognised as an occupation requiring professional training. This training is offered by a vocational school. If you want to begin studying one of the degree programmes mentioned above, please enclose a copy of the contract for the vocational training when applying, in addition to the documents required for application. Use the online portal of the HNU to apply for the degree programme.

Accreditations and Certificates