HNU | Industrial Engineering / Logistics B.Eng. – Curriculum

In the first four semesters you will be educated in the following subject modules, supplemented by technological, business and language elective courses:

  • Economics
  • Commercial law
  • Basics of logistics
  • Data processing
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Engineering
  • Basics of engineering
  • Internal accounting
  • Quantitative methods
  • Production management
  • Information and project management
  • Technical logistics
  • International economic activities and logistics

In the fifth semester there is a internship semester where you will become acquainted with operational logistics. Its purpose is to familiarise you with working independently and project-oriented under professional guidance and enables you to come into contact with potential employers.

In the sixth semester you will improve your knowledge with the modules

  • Corporate leadership and
  • Supply chain management

At the end of their studies, students write a Bachelor thesis. After consultation with one of the supervising professors, students choose a topic. When students have passed all exams and completed their Bachelor thesis, the HNU will award them the academic degree 'Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)'.

First and second semester
  • Basics of logistics
  • Technical physics
  • Energy management
  • Materials engineering
  • CAD-Construction
  • Technical mechanics
  • Machine parts
  • Maths I and II
  • English I
  • Data processing I and II
  • Commercial law
  • Civil law
  • Accounting
  • Basics of Business studies and Economic studies
Third and fourth semester
  • International production and logistics
  • Technical logistics
  • Information and project management
  • Production management
  • Quantitative methods
  • Internal accounting
  • English II
  • Elective courses
Fifth semester
  • Internship semester
Sixth and seventh semester
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Study assignment
  • Elective courses
  • Supply chain management
  • Corporate leadership

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