Game Production and Management (B.A.)

Are you a gamer and do you want to play a role in the bestselling creative sector?  Do you want to develop and implement digital games, and launch new games? Do you enjoy taking responsibility as part of a team? In the internationally oriented study course Game Production and Management, students learn to plan and manage projects in the games industry; they learn to design and generate convincing games, to understand their technical implementation and to accompany this process. Graduates of this course are able to shape the entire production process of a game from its conception, design and development through to its marketing and sales.

Brief description

The game industry is the biggest employer in Germany’s creative sector with the highest revenues. The German market is currently the fifth biggest behind China, the USA, Japan and South Korea. In spite of that, only 5.4% of global turnover was down to German developers in 2017; suitable staff are not available.  (Quelle: Focus 2018)

In particular, students of the course Game Production and Management gain management skills for the development and marketing of digital games and related applications, e.g. virtual reality solutions.

The study course Game Production and Management focuses on three cornerstones:

  • Communication / Structure / Design
  • Basics of information technology and software development / Data science
  • Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Project management / Marketing / Business Studies
  • Students learn to implement the entire process of the production of a game from its conception, design, development through to its marketing and sales.

Students are optimally prepared for the employment market through specific practical orientation, use of lab facilities for research, teaching of key qualifications, and international experience.

Regular study time: 7 semesters, full-time (one of these is a practical semester), 210 ECTS

Academic award: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Career profile

Graduates can access positions in production management in the field of computers; as game producers, they have responsibility for staff and budgets, and, as well developing game concepts and the relevant business models, they are able to manage the implementation of digital games up to their launch on the market. To do this, a consolidated understanding of the work methods of game designers and software developers is necessary; for that reason, this course also teaches the basics of these fields.

Game producers are active in game production studios, for publishers and other organizations in the field of games. This study course also offers career opportunities in the fields of visualization, serious gaming and gamification, e.g. in the automobile industry.

Graduates are able to:

  • plan and manage projects within the games industry
  • manage and lead both heterogeneous and homogeneous development and distribution teams
  • conceptualize and design convincing games by using modern concepts and with a consolidated understanding of business psychology
  • understand, accompany and manage the basics of the technical implementation of games
  • market these games successfully
  • work on the international market and in global organizations with confidence
  • be co-responsible for the founding and development of new organizations in the field of games  
  • deliver convincing approaches for the realization of games projects, based on the academic education in their career, and to follow a further academic career
Language of teaching and international approach

First to third semester: mostly in German

From the fourth semester: mostly in English

The study course Game Production and Management is an international course in order to meet the international demands of the games industry.

The practical semester (6th semester) can be completed abroad.

Pre-requisites for admission

General or subject-specialized higher education qualification

The study course Game Production and Management is admission free.

  • Very good ability in English and Maths
  • Interest in business issues and enjoyment of digital games and applications
  • German ability at level B2 (for non-native speakers)
Start of studies

The study course Game Production and Management begins for the first time in the winter semester 2019/20.

Students can begin the course only in the winter semester.

academic calendar

Costs of studying


Every semester a semester contribution (for administrative costs and solidarity contribution) is payable.

Study schedule

1st semester: 30 ECTS

  • Introduction to the games industry
  • Game conception
  • Information management, programmng and information technology
  • Information and communication design

2nd semester: 30 ECTS

  • Information and communication design
  • English I
  • Business mathematics and statistics
  • Project management and procedure models

3rd semester: 30 ECTS

  • Gamification and serious games
  • English II
  • General psychology
  • Advanced project management and leadership

4th semester (partly in English): 30 ECTS

  • Game design
  • Marketing and Media ethics
  • Social psychology

5th semester (partly in English): 30 ECTS

  • Game production and development
  • Business models, processes and e-entrepreneurship
  • Electives

6th semester: 30 ECTS

  • Practical semester

7th semester: 30 ECTS

  • Game project
  • Research methods and project
  • Bachelor thesis
Application deadline

Applications for the winter semester: 2 May until 15 July


All bachelor study courses require a practical semester of at least 100 days spent in an organization either in Germany or abroad.

For students who would like more practical experience, there is the opportunity of a longer practical semester of at least 7 months; this guarantees even more experience of specialist and management tasks. Studies with extended practice – dual studies – can be combined with all the study courses at the HNU.

Project-based learning plays a big role in this course. Projects with partners from industry create a link to practice early on in the course. Student teams work together on concrete issues, and within a few weeks learned theoretical knowledge is processed and implemented and applied to industry.

Students also learn in a practice-related way by using a range of labs and the research infrastructure.

Special features

A rapidly growing sector of industry is faced with a lack of specialists and managers in this area. The study course Game Production and Management combines the fields of production und management and, as such, cannot be compared with other study courses available in southern Germany. A number of study courses focus on development (informatics) or design; the course Game Production and Management at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences combines the different academic fields which are important for the entire process of game production.

Academic Advisor

Thomas Bartl View Profile

Academic Advisor

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Professor Dr.
Philipp Brune View Profile

Academic Head of IT Services
Head of the degree programme Master International Enterprise Information Management
Head of the Centre for Secure IT Applications and Infrastructures
Head of the Institute of Agile Product and System Development

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