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Dual Studies – 'hochschule dual'

The 'hochschule dual' brand combines studying at a Bavarian university of applied science with intensive practical experience at a company.

Studying and course-related practical training in a company alternate: students spend part of their semester break with a company and write the Bachelor thesis in cooperation with the company. Combining theory and practice prepares students intensively for their professional life. And companies profit from employees educated in step with realistic practice.

Within the degree programme Business Studies the HNU offers the 'co-operative studies':

Co-operative studies

In the 'co-operative studies' students are equipped for their later professional career through study semesters which are close to the realities of life in industry, and phases of specialist and management tasks.

The practical phases, including the study semesters, are completed in a company and last at least seven months altogether. They can be started during the first up to the third semester.
Students who have decided to combine co-operative studies and a university of applied sciences degree can apply directly at the companies or via the Career Service of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU).

All places offered by companies are listed in the online job market of the HNU. The HNU can recommend those students who are suitable to the companies; the individual company decides which student it wants to accept.


Professor Dr.
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Studiengangleiter Wirtschaftsinformatik
Koordinator „Duales Studium“
Leiter des Instituts für Agile Produkt- und Systementwicklung

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Deputy Head of Studies Office

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