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The overall aim of our degree programme Business Information Systems is to qualify you for the job market so as to ensure your employability. From the overall aim of employability, we deduce three goals: First of all, you will be enabled to develop information systems, deploy and implement them in companies. Secondly, you will learn to work in teams on interdisciplinary issues since this is especially important in the IT business. Thirdly, we want to make you competitive at an international level since the IT business is characterised by global competition.

This is why you will be educated in practical business subjects and methods as well as applicable IT knowledge in seven semesters. You will be prepared for your future communicative challenges by numerous projects, intercultural work as well as presentation training. As an option, you can acquire an additional English certificate. Regular excursions to companies in Germany or abroad are also part of the degree programme.

The degree programme is organised in two modules: The stage I studies exam is taken after the second semester (stage I studies), then there are four additional semesters as well as one internship semester (stage II studies).

First semester
  • Programming I
  • Mathematics I
  • Accounting
  • General business studies
  • Technological basics
  • Main features of business information systems
  • Studying as a project I
Second semester
  • Programming II
  • Mathematics II
  • Specific business studies
  • Business and IT law
  • Basics of databases
  • Project management
  • Studying as a project II
Third semester
  • Methods of statistics
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Operating systems
  • Business and technical English
  • Marketing
  • ERP systems
Fourth semester
  • Programming databases
  • Software engineering
  • Computer networks
  • Information management
  • Corporate communications
  • Business process management
Fifth semester
  • Operations research
  • Business information systems project
  • Data warehousing
  • IT applications
  • Management tools in business and IT
  • Seminar: Business information systems
Sixth semester
  • Practical semester
  • Practical semester assignment
  • Intercultural communication
Seventh semester
  • Bachelor thesis and Bachelor seminar
  • Elective courses

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