Research at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)

Research Domain 'Information – Processes – Resources'

Researchers working within the frame of HNU Research Domain 'Information – Processes – Resources' want to contribute to a holistic understanding of management and business administration. Thus this research domain has to deal with three different worlds:

Our human world (including but not restricted to communication, decision making, administration). The human world is interlinked internally by communication networks, organizational and social networks.

The world of information (including but not restricted to information modeling, information capture, information processing, information exchange). The world of information is interlinked internally by ITC-networks.

The physical world of resources (including but not restricted to materials, products, facilities, transport resources, energy, human resources). The physical world is interlinked internally by logistics- and value-chain-networks.

In addition to these world-internal-networks, all three worlds are inter-connected by the world of processes.

CLPK (chaotic effects in long process chains) – in this project the impact of chaos (as defined by chaos theory) on processes is being assessed... details (link to the HNU website in German)

EVELIN (experimental improvement of software engineering abilities) – in this project new teaching and learning concepts for software engineering education are being developed and evaluated. The improvement of software engineering education forms a prerequisite for improving the quality of the developed business information systems... details (link to the HNU website in German)

DTM (dynamic truck meeting) – in this project a process and an interface standard has been developed in order to promote efficient transports... details (in German)

WMVG (resistance based modeling of modal changes in freight transports) – in this project models are generated which try to explain, why sustainable means of transport (as e.g. rail or barge) today are not used on a larger scale, and under which conditions this situation might change... details (link to the HNU website in German)

Holistic Reference Model for Corporate Performance Management... details (in German)

Knowledge Transfer for Expert and Management Functions: How to Preserve and Forward Tacit Knowledge Based on Experience... details

Intercultural Differences in Business Communication and Decision Making... details

In addition to the classical research activities, projects in cooperation with business partners (industry, trade and consulting) have been and will be carried out.

Both, classical research projects and projects in cooperation with business partners aim to build a broad and robust base for decision support (operative, tactical and strategic decisions), process excellence (from analysis, via design and engineering to continuous improvement of process) and the efficient use of resources (goods, energy, finances, time, information and people).

Researchers from different HNU Centres (Secure IT-Applications and Infrastructures; Logistics; Corporate Performance Management; Media and User Experience and Corporate Communications) work together in an interdisciplinary framework and in cooperation with companies to find solutions to problems which are related to this domain of research. Thus research, academic education and a focus on business related problems together create value in terms of problem understanding and problem solving for practical use based on a strong theoretic background.

Current academic contributors to the research domain 'Information – Processes – Resources' are:

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