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The Centre for Corporate Management brings together expertise in the field of strategic corporate management and entrepreneurship in order to strengthen the teaching, the applied research, and the transfer of knowledge and experience between the business sector and science.

In applied research, the Centre for Corporate Management devotes itself to the subjects of rural electrification, micro entrepreneurship and productive use of energy in developing and emerging countries. In particular, it deals with questions relating to the design options for sales structures and training programmes which sustainably promote the economic and social development of these countries. The Centre for Corporate Management does this so that it can maintain a market oriented focus. When possible political development should be linked to economic and business interest thereby enabling the implementation of social aspects to guarantee sustainability.

In this area in particular, the Centre for Corporate Management cooperates with companies and associations to develop and test suitable measures. This frequently takes place in the form of cooperative project seminars, in which student groups produce proposed solutions for specific subjects for the companies and organisations involved.



Professor Dr.
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Head of the Centre for Corporate Management
Co-Director 'Institute for Decentral Electrification, Entrepreneurship and Education'

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